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Pilates and Holistic Fitness

Pilates and Holistic Fitness

Pilates and Holistic Fitness

Pilates is my foundation in all body work but I do not stay within the Classical Pilates choreography.  Sessions can be geared toward fitness, wellness or rehabilitation. I work with the client to design the best workout for them to fit their needs and goals. 

Pilates mat, Pilates reformer, and Yoga focusing on alignment , flow and breath.   

UnionSq, NYC

1 session $120

5 sessions  $550

10 sessions $1000


Intuitive Sessions

Pilates and Holistic Fitness

Pilates and Holistic Fitness

I have training as a Creative Arts Therapist but I felt restricted and burned out from my profession and went in search of a new way to reach people. I spent years developing and practicing my intuitive abilities and created a new way of working. It is not therapy because I do not sit back as an observer. I connect with your guides and energy and become a guide for them and you. These sessions can clear what blocks you, reveal the core issue holding you back, give clarity,  and set a foundation for you to step into your best way of being. Sessions channel positive energy and focus on bringing clarity. These are active sessions and require clients to be open and willing to explore their blocks.

In-person (USQ office) $150 

Via Phone or VideoCall $120


Virtual Workouts

Pilates and Holistic Fitness

Virtual Workouts

The world has shifted and we many of us are being forced to find new ways to incorporate movement. I have heard from many people, "why pay for a private virtual session when I can do a video or free IG class?" 

My answer is the same as why you choose a private in studio session. As I trainer I create workouts specifically to the person I am teaching. To your injuries or body. In a class I teach to the collective and not the individual. If you are new or have a specific need or just want personal contact virtual classes are for you. 

1 session $100


Donation Class

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you choose to donate for online IG Live or YouTube classes please do so here. Sending you love and gratitude!